What is PTSD?

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can
occur after you have been through a traumatic event. During this type of
event, you think that your life or other's lives are in danger You may feel
afraid or feel that you have no control over what is happening.

Anyone who has gone though a life-threatening event can develop
PTSD. These events can include:

  • Combat or Military Exposure
  • Child sexual or physical abuse
  • Terrorist attack
  • Sexual or physical assault
  • Serious accidents, such as a car wreck
  • Natural disasters, such as a fire, tornado, hurricane, etc.

After the event, you may feel scared, confused, or angry. If these feeling
don't go away or they get worse, you may have PTSD. These symptoms
may disrupt your life, making it hard to continue with your daily activities.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD Service Dogs
Service Dogs for PTSD can create Customized Training
Programs for PTSD Service Dogs to help those who are
suffering and living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD Dogs are trained to:

  • Assistance in a medical crisis
  • Provide treatment related assistance
  • Assistance in coping with emotional overload
  • Perform security enhancement tasks
PTSD Service Dog Training
A specialty trained PTSD dog  a.k.a, Psychiatric Dog can provide a sense of security, calming effects, and
physical exercise that can make a positive difference in the life of those that suffer with Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder. Like all assistance dogs, a psychiatric service dog is individually trained to do work or perform tasks
that mitigate their handler's disability. Training may include providing environmental assessment (in such cases
as paranoia or hallucinations), signaling behaviors such as interrupting repetitive or injurious behavior
reminding the handler to take medication, retrieving objects and guiding the handler from stressful situations.
PTSD Service Dogs can Literally Change the Life of a Veteran or other persons with Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder. PTSD Service dogs can help a Veteran remain calm by preventing people from crowding around or
rushing up behind him in public places which will provide a comfortable space for the a PTSD sufferer.

NOTE: If someone tells you a Therapy Dog is a PTSD dog and is protected under Americans with Disability Act
(ADA) they are incorrect. A Service Dog for PTSD is a
Psychiatric Service Dogs and is protected under
Americans with Disability Act. Therapy Dogs are not protected under ADA.  
ADA Service Animal Download
PTSD Service Dogs can:

  • Help adjust serotonin levels
  • Help lower blood pressure
  • Help with episodes of depression
  • Provide companionship
  • Calm the owner

Service Dogs for PTSD's owner and trainer is
Jim Morris, an experienced dog handler/trainer. He
is certified by the Department of Defense in handling
and  training explosive detection dogs, narcotic
detection dogs and patrol dogs. Jim is a disabled
veteran who has a mobility assist service/helper dog.
Service Dogs for PTSD
The cost to fully train and qualify a PTSD service dog (Psychiatric Service Dog) can cost between $500 to $2,000, depending on the training
requirements. If your pet dog qualifies and can pass the AKC Good Citizen standards test, the training and equipment cost could be as low as $500. If
you have a pet dog and if it can qualify, this is a better option because you two are already bonded. If we need to procure a dog and qualify it the
costs will be around $2,000. Trained to travel calmly on aircraft, buses, trains, Metro systems and subways will raise the training cost.

You must qualify. You will need to provide a letter from your doctor or a Veterans Administration document verifying you do suffer from PTSD. Once
our checklist is complete we can begin the process. If you do not own a dog / pet you will need to be matched up with one. Match up means chemistry
between you two - it's better this way. Together we will discuss breeds, sizes, etc., prior to the procurement process.

We also train mobility service dogs, but on a limited basis. Training and qualifying a mobility service dog is a much longer process and will include
public transportation training (aircraft, buses, Metro systems, trains, and subways). A fully trained and qualified mobility service dog can cost up to
$25,000. Sometimes more.

Grants are available to off set the cost. We perform as a contractor for various government agencies and organizations. We help fund this program
with sales from our online stores,
AirForceRescue.com and VickiesBling.com.

All training is conducted in the summer and into the fall in Neenah, Wisconsin - we spend our winters in Florida. Service Dog inflight aircraft
transportation training is conducted out of Mitchell International in Milwaukee, WI and Regan National in Washington DC. Public transportation training
(aircraft, buses, Metro systems, trains, and subways) is conducted in Milwaukee and Washington DC. Contact Jim Morris at
920.284.4879 for more
information and a phone consultation.
Department of Defense Certified Military Working Dog Trainer
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